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Company Profile

Jilin Liufangzi Bentonite Technology Co., Ltd. established in 1982. Its production base, under the name of SIPING LIUFANGZI ASKA BENTONITE CO., LTD., locates in Liufangzi town Gongzhuling City, Jinlin province, which is largest production base of natural sodium bentonite in China. The production base covers an area of 3.5 million square meters. Liufangzi Bentonite has obtained major international quality system certificates, including ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008,etc, as well as free sale exportation certificate. It is broad member of China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association Professional Committee (Bentonite industry).


Liufangzi natural sodium bentonite was formed billions of years ago, originated from volcanic ash reacted under high temperature and water. Liufangzi natural sodium bentonite deposit over 20 million tons, 200-250 meters underground. Currently it has achieved more than 10 million tons annual mining volume.


Liufangzi has devoted itself to develop, produce and promote its high quality bentonite products, including geosynthetic clay liner (GCL),bentonite waterstop(tube), sealant and power, casting bentonite, bentonite pellets, bentonite drilling mud, cat litter products, bentonite for sintering, chemical, pharmaceutical etc.


Liufangzi has supplied its high quality products for: FAW Group Corporation, Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation, Jilin Oilfield, Songyuan oil and other famous enterprises. Its GCL products have been commonly applied in domestic infrastructural construction, such as Beijing Subway Line 10 Phase II, Metro projects in Haerbin, Shenyan, Shenzhen, etc. Other products have been continuously exported to   Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries.


Liufangzi aims to provide reliable, high-tech and environment-friendly natural sodium bentonite products for customers over the world.

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