---  Main Achievements (Bentontie)
---  Main Achiebements (GCL)
   -- Metro&Tunneling Projects
   -- Landscape&Hydro Projects
   -- Landfill Waterproofing Projects
   -- Basement Projects
   -- Overseas Projects
Main Achiebements (GCL)
 The new type waterproofing product “LIU FANG ZI”GCL has peerless advantages compared to conventional materials. It has strong anti-acid and alkali capability, simple construction, short period, will not be reduced because of wet and dry and freeze-thaw cycle, not aging and failure, to adapt to deformation strongly, strong self-repair capabilities that are the excellent waterproofing product in the area of underground construction, artificial lake and used abroad in water-defending underground of city planning, road, rail way, irrigation, environment protective project and industrial and private constructions. That could enhance the reliability and endurance of waterproofing result.

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