Qualified Agency Wanted

Liufangzi owns one of the best natural sodium bentonite recourse in the world. With sophisticated technique and experience, Liufangzi supplies main products as follows:


>         Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL)

>         GCL Ancillary products, including bentonite sealant and sealing powder, waterstop or watertube etc.

>         Bentonite for various industries, such as bentonite for drilling mud, machinery casting pellets metallurgy

>         Cat litter

>         Other Ancillary products


With the fast overseas market expanding, we¨re now recruiting qualified and experienced exclusive agent in Southeast Asia, Europe and North or South island to grow together with us, for those who are interested, please contact Ms. Megan CHEN (at, Tel:+86-10-68215565 ext. 828).

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