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The performance of ¡°Liufangzi¡± GCL has been approved in Subway Projects in Shenyang and Shenzhen.
Renew time£º2008-7-22
Liu Fang Zi brand GCL is an update geosynthetic waterproof material made by Jilin Liu Fang Zi Bentonite Science&Technology Co., Ltd with advanced international technology and equipment. It is composed of 3 levels. The upper level and the lower level are woven geotextile and non woven textile. The middle level is bentonite grains, which are carefully selected from Liu Fangzi crude and filled in between the two levels after special processing. The bentonite grain in GCL made by this method does not flow in a fixed direction. It distributes evenly and forms waterproof layer, owning excellent waterproof effect. This GCL is a kind of new green waterproof materials, which are widely applied in many waterproof construction projects.

GCL of Liu Fang Zi brand can be applied separately, or combined with high density polyethylene (HDPE). Our GCL combines the two advantages together, not only containing all the properties of geotextile materials, but also bearing of double waterproof property. Therefore, Liufangzi GCL has won favorable comments from construction units of Shenyang and Shenzhen subway projects and become the most brand-valuable waterproof products in subway construction and underground waterproof projects in China.
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