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Overall Strategic Adjustment. Jilin Liufangzi Bentonite Science and Technology Co., Ltd registered
Renew time2008-7-22
In the end of December 2006, the reform on Siping Liufangzi Aska Bentonite Co, Ltd was completed and the overall strategic direction of the company was adjusted. As the 11th Five-Year-Plan is implemented, we are sparing no efforts developing high value bentonite serial products, basing on rare resources of excellent natural sodium bentonite, which aims to catch up with the fast developed world economy and meet the demand of high-end products in modernization process. This has changed the passive situation under which importation was needed due to the demand on high-tech bentonite products for our national economic construction. 

For we keep on expanding our business and updating the product structure, Jilin Liufangzi Bentontie Science and Technology Co., Ltd was registered on 30 November 2007 at Gongzhuling city, which lays a solid foundation for the expansion of Liufangzi Group Company meanwhile creates the history of bentonite exploiting in China.
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