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¡¶Na-bentonite waterproofing blanket¡·industry standard came into effect on March 1, 2007
Renew time£º2008-7-22

In accordance with the requirements of the No.508 notice of the Ministry of Construction ¡¶Na-bentonite waterproofing blanket¡·industry standard came into implementation on March 1, 2007 ,¡¶Na-bentonite waterproofing blanket¡·is Construction Industry Standard, No. JG/T193-2006.

Na-bentonite waterproofing blanket( referred to GCL) is an excellent new works underground waterproof material. It was first applied in a landfill liner system in 1986 in the United States, after the installation of GCL under a geo-membrane in the double-lined landfill liner system, the volume of leakage has decreased significantly. In addition to the low permeability rate, GCL also has the advantages of small unit area, a strong ability to freeze-thaw cycle, anti-non-uniform subsidence and facilitating the construction, and low cost installation. It has broad prospects for application; many projects have already begun in the large number of applications.

For the GCL new products, foreign countries adopt the standard by ASTM and GRI for testing. Since China's GCL production had a late start, although now such products are in a large-scale use in china, people are not in deep awareness and understanding, unified testing methods and standards of judgment have not yet been setup. Beijing Subway Construction Management Co., Ltd in metro construction developed a standard QGD-001-2003 ¡¶Beijing Subway Line 5 bentonite waterproofing material quality testing and evaluation standards (Trial) ¡· in the light of ASTM standards, and in the subsequent Construction works made gradual improvement of the standards, proposed QGD-001-2005 ¡¶Mass Transit bentonite waterproofing material of construction quality acceptance criteria¡·.In addition, some sodium bentonite waterproofing blanket manufacturing enterprises established enterprise standards as the basis for quality control. With the mass application of GCL products in China in recent years, there is an urgent need to develop the corresponding national standards or industry standards, technical indicators reunification GCL product requirements.

In order to standardize market and cater to the need of construction projects, National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials took the tests on widely selected GCL samples in accordance with the Document from Ministry of Construction¡ª¡ªJB[2005] 81 ¡° About the Issurance of <2005 Ministry of Construction Industrial Products Standard Enaction and Amendment Plan>. With reference to the fore mentioned QCD-001 construction code, the industrial standard¡ª¡ªJG/T193 <Na-Bentonite Waterproofing Blanket> was composed after data collection and analysis.

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