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Bentonite Professional Committee convening the fourth Congress
Renew time£º2008-7-22
March 30, 2008 China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association bentonite Professional Committee held its fourth Congress in Beijing, a total of more than 40 representatives from all over the country participated in the meeting. This congress aims at Chinese bentonite ¡¯s fast going on the track of scientific development, harmonious  development, innovative development. China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association Executive director Zhang Zhan, vice-chairman of the Qin Dynasty and the Secretary-General, WL Wang behalf of the Secretary-General attended the meeting.

Secretary-General Qindinghui from China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association presided over the conference , general manager Wengshenggen from Walter Industries Limited, Hangzhou, extended a welcoming address. Zhangzhan on behalf of the Executive Chairman of the Federation warmly congratulated the convening of the conference, and then the members of the bentonite conducted the re-registration, elected a new leadership team and set up a fifth of the bentonite experts Group

Vice chairman Wang Chunwei of Zhejiang Walter was elected the fifth president of bentonite experts Group; he made further arrangements on the next step of the work.

The meeting is a complete success!
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