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Greetings from the Chairman

Dear all,


Welcome to visit Jilin Liufangzi Bentonite Technology Co., Ltd. Thank you for your long-term interest and vigorous support to our company.


With the development of China Bentonite industry, our company has experienced entrepreneurs, growth, and development. We have experienced the splendid history of undertaking, improving, development and expansion. Now we specialize in hi-tech bentonite products, aiming to be the vanguard in bentonite further processing field in China and all over the world.  Every innovation, every development and every reform of the enterprise are vivid reflections for the continuous improvement of bentonite industry in China.  


Up till now, we have made a huge success in restructuring and have transformed from a manufacturer to competitive enterprise with abilities of research, manufacture, sale and service.


With 26 years¡¯ sophisticateds experience in bentonite industry and precious natural sodium bentonite recourses, Liufangzi will devote itself to development and improvement of bentonite products. With ' Quality first, Credit first, Customer first', Liufangzi will make more and more efforts to Bentonite industry.

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