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,Service concept

Respect for our customers, understand our customers, committed to provide our clients with new, reliable, high-quality, environmentally-friendly construction materials. We will continuously provide services that exceed customer expectations; we will be partners with customers forever. This is the service concept that we are long sticking and advocating

1、Excellent quality of our services is fundamental
Liu fang zi persons  service concept is to pursue high standards of product quality. It is our responsibilities and obligations to create all the conveniences for customers in strict accordance with their needs.

2、Innovation is always our goal
Our  purpose is to satisfy all the needs of customers, track leading-edge technology,  introduce  first-class equipments, inject advanced talents, we have been to make efforts for customer's diversified needs unremittingly, customer demands are  our source for continuous innovation.

3、Optimizing  "Liu Fang Zi" brands, carrying forward "Liu Fang Zi" spirit is our constant belief.
We have been convinced that enterprises not only to seek profit, but also dedicate ourself, make customers cooperate with us willingly, the purpose gets a win-win.

Accordingly, we have always maintained a hard struggle, intentions, positive innovation, to his progressive spirit. Our motto:

, After-sales service

Quality of service has always been the company's serious commitment to customers. With the company's new products -- natural sodium bentonite waterproofing blankets, and other products. In order to better serve customers and create efficiency, corporate will strengthen after-sales service functions and satisfy  our customers as possible as soon, specific functions are as follows:

1、Technical training (as customers required)
In order to better serve customers, clients and establish a good long-term relationship, we will train customers about operational skills and attention to issues before training.

Training number: As customer needs, and personnel training will be in batches.

Training time: Staff training for two days each, including the first day, on-site hands-on training; next day, classroom training, including product principle, advantages and attention to issues.

The ultimate aim of training is to make client master the application, installation skills and further understand the advantages of Liu Fang Zi Brand Products.

2、Technical Services
Due to the external environment, internal organizational structure and personnel changes in the impact of improper operation after the purchase, there are bound to be some problems. For better solving problems,we provide the following after-sale technical service:

On-Spot Instruction
After customers buy our products, if necessary, we will provide construction and technical instruction on the spot. If customers in the operation of product engineering have problems in the future, we can still send technical personnel to deliver instruction on the spot. If customer doubts on technical index on products, we can assign specialists to verify and take on-spot experiment. The experiment is taken under the environment stipulated in the contract signed by two parties concerned. If there do be unqualified items, we will get changed the products or get the unqualified products back.
Instructional Response
After customers bought products, if encountering operational problems, firstly the client shall collect information on the problems in detail, and then the client shall report the problems to us. We will analyze the root of the problems with client together, once sorting out, a suitable resolving plan will be drawn up, and then we will deliver on-spot instruction to our client and so as to get it cleared.  

Special Circumstances.
Shall unforeseen circumstances occur, we will negotiate with client.
We will negotiate with our clients on after sales service in detail. We stick to the principle of supplying the best and satisfactory product for our clients and work out the detailed content for after sales service.

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