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Cat litter and other raw ore grain

”Brand Nature Sodium Bentonite Cat Litter

The most important aspect of cat culture is the use of cat litter, which was invented in 1948 in USA and after 50 years of research and development, the quality has been very excellent. Early the main usage of cat litter is to collect the cat litter, but with the advance of cat litter technology, it has been the emergence of the current setting of sand, wood sand and crystal sand.

Cat litter is now classified as large as: 1. Bentonite cat litter, 2. Crystal sand, 3. Wood sand, 4. Other cat litter and so on in the international market.

Bentonite cat litter include two types, condensing and non-condensing cat litter. Early cat litter is mainly non-condensing. Since 1984, the United States have produced the coaluble cat litter, the non-condensing quickly withdrew from the market. Now non-condensing cat litter is very little in the market, and only a small number of traditional American family are using. Now the condensing cat litter is common to see. Because of the low price, good nature, and condensation force which meet the characteristics of the cat, the condensing cat litter is loved by widespread cat feeder.

Using the superiority of nature sodium bentonite resources, our company has engaged in the R&D and sales of cat litter in the long time and the product mainly has the following character:
1. Natural sodium bentonite material. 100% natural sodium bentonite, ground 200-250 meters deep drawn, natural good quality.
2. Deodorizing rapidly, antimicrobial environmental protection. Non-toxic harmless, efficient sterilization, strong odor.
3. Water absorption forcedly, caking quickly, moderate size grains can quickly absorb the moisture and condenses into pieces, can keep the environment clean and dry urinals.
4. Few dust and clean. Because the materials come from deep underground, no surface dust intrusion, 99% had no dust, is the most clean bentonite cat litter.
5. Insider tips: a small amount placed in the refrigerator desirable, to act as agent in addition to taste, remove odor and will be good effect.
The domestic manufacturers are generally difficult to achieve the above standards, our company with good quality and reputation meets the domestic market and long-term exports to South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.
. Bentonite cat litter index



Weight of Mass,g




Agglomerating Intensity≥






.Product Specifications
5kgs/bag, 10kgs/bag, 25kgs/bag, 50kgs/bag

. Use Introduction
1. In the litter basin covered with 7-10cm thick bentonite cat litter.
2. When the cat excretion, the bentonite cat litter will absorb water quickly and condenses into groups to facilitate eradication.
3. Promptly clean up litter basin of the knot group, do not use water to clean cat litter.
4. To ensure the cat litter thickness of 7cm in basin and about once a month cleaning cat litter trays, and timely replacement of a new cat litter.
Note: Do not use the wet litter, and pay attention to cat litter to avoid water moisture, not dump cat litter into the toilets or sewers.

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