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Bentonite Sealant and Powder

My company offers a complete waterproofing system, with the exception of natural sodium bentonite GCLt, but also provide the corresponding special auxiliary material to support the use that include the bentonite sealant and sealing powder to ensure waterproofing system perfectly safe.

Bentonite Sealant



一.Product Introduction

Bentonite sealant use “Liufangzi” natural sodium bentonite as the main raw material, by mixing rubber, fibers and other materials with the toughness and flexibility, after high-speed stirring to form a thick slurry of water body and have the water swelling properties. The product construction is simple, using a wide range.

二.Product Specifications


三.Product Applications

1. Surface defect repair before GCL laying on the base
2. The waterproof coating of irregular surface
3. GCL sealed ,fixed and pasted in the horizontal and vertical laps
4. The sealing material of waterproof materials around the object

四. Main Features

1.Using natural sodium bentonite as the main raw material, lasting and stable performance
2. Construction is simple, easy to install
3. Water swelling and resulting in a strong viscosity to form a complete waterproofing system


五.Construction Introductions

Can be coated with a simple tool and directly install to the application parts.

Bentonite  Sealing  Powder


一.Product Introduction
Our company use “LIUFANGZI” natural sodium bentonite and select the particle size in the range of 0.2-2mm as the main raw material to produce the bentonite sealing powder. The sealing powder will be swell when in contact with water, and form a certain viscosity thick body, which plays the role of waterproof and good sealing function, and  then can automatically repair cracks in structures.

二.Product Specifications


三.Product Applications

1.The sealing for GCL flat overlap part.

2.The gap sealing material through objects

3.The 3mm thick pre-paving powder before GCL laying on top of the base and in tunnels

4.Fill and repair the base empty and defects before GCL paving

四.Construction Introductions

Using the simple construction tools and directly for construction.

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