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Natural Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) of Liu Fang Zi Brand

一.Our Product——“Liu Fang Zi” Brand Natural Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL)
It is composed of 3 levels. The upper level and the lower level are woven geotextile and non woven textile. The middle level is bentonite grains, which are carefully selected from Liu Fangzi crude and filled in between the two levels after special processing. The bentonite grain in GCL made by this method does not flow in a fixed direction. It distributes evenly and forms waterproof layer, owning excellent waterproof effect. This GCL is a kind of new green waterproof materials, which are widely applied in many waterproof construction projects.
    GCL of Liu Fang Zi brand can be applied separately, or combined with high density polyethylene (HDPE). Our GCL combines the two advantages together, not only containing all the properties of geotextile materials, but also bearing of double waterproof property.


A.Product profiles

B.Type and Specifications
Liu Fang Zi brand GCL  have two kind of types that are GCL-NP and GCL-OF. The GCL-NP type are consisted of three layers, the top is nonwoven geotextile, the middle is Liufangzi nature sodium bentonite, and the bottom is woven geotextile. This type GCL is widely used in landfill, lagoon, river bottom, basement and so on.The GCL-OF have four layers including the introduced

three layer, which has one additional HDPE membrane bonded with the nonwoven geotextile to form the compound waterproofing layer. This kind GCL is widely used in subway, basement, tunnel, and other underground projects and salt water area and harsh environment.

C. Technical Index



二.Product characters
1. Environment friendly
Liu Fangzi GCL is made of natural raw materials of sodium-bentonite.It is raw and natural materials,;aging and corrosion seldom happen. It can keep its quality and then it does not cause any injuries and pollution for human and the environment. It is not only waterproof, but also has good ventilation performance. It can stick up for the exchange of the ecological environment. It is a pure



2. Permanent waterproof, excellent performance
Natural sodium bentonite was formed billions of years ago.
Its waterproof properties are much more durable than that of the buildings. Sodium bentonite would transform to high density septum under hydro pressure. When The thickness is 3mm, the permeability is below a×10-11/sec(a=1~9), which equals to the density of 100 times of the clay with 30 mm thickness. Water retention performance is evident.

3. Easy to construct
Bentonite powder, nails and washers are enough for connection and fixation. Construction is not constrained by weather conditions and it could be taken under cold or wet conditions. Bentonite powder is spread on overlap point. When water comes, GCL would be overlapped automatically. It is so far the only material that starts the waterproof effect by water in the world. It is not necessary to take additional examination when the construction is completed. The repair works are easy in case of waterproof defects. Among the existing waterproof materials, GCL’s construction period is the shortest and its operation is the easiest. It has an eminent effect on shortening the construction period as well as saving the cost.

4. Strong Self-Restore Capacity
The integration between waterproof material and its target enables GCL a 20~28 times swelling volume. Even if concrete structure trembles or subsides, the bentonite in GCL would restore the crack of 2mm or below on the concrete structure immediately. Even if the diameter of perforation reaches 30 mm, the restoration will be finished within 15 days completely.

四.Waterproof mechanism
Sodium bentonite is non-metallic clay composed mostly of the mineral montmorillonite. It is formed from volcanic ash and is mined out of Wyoming and South Dakota. Montmorillonite is a layered clay mineral with broad, flat platelets that are ideally shaped to provide a hydraulic barrier. Sodium ions located between these platelets allows water to hydrate the bentonite in a remarkable fashion that results in the high swelling characteristic. Dry sodium bentonite can swell to many times its original volume when exposed to water. Because of its high swelling capability bentonite is able to seal around penetrations, giving geosynthetic clay liners their self-healing characteristic. A fully hydrated layer of sodium bentonite will result in a hydraulic conductivity of less than 5 x 10-9 cm/sec. This is approximately twenty times lower than a typical compacted clay layer.
五.Matching Accessories
1.Bentonite sealing powder.It is the identical to the bentonite grain of the GCL used as the lap between GCL.  Package:20kg per woven geotextile bag.



六.Applications1.waterproof  for  rooftop garden、basement and so on;
2.waterproof  for underground、railway、city highway、oil drilling and so on;
3.Anti-seepage project of mud and stone reinforce
4.desert and environment improvement、trash stuff zone、artificial lake and artificial sight and so on;
5.reservoir、dam、irrigation channel and so on;


七.Construction instruction
1。Before paving, make sure the base plane is even; tamp the ground and clear up the debris in case that GCL be punctured by sharp articles, which in turn affect the waterproof effect. Accumulated water shall be drained in the mean time to avoid GCL being soaked by water.

2。When paving the GCL, determine the direction and position. GCL shall be paved on the base plane according to the direction in proper order and shall be fixed by nails and washers. Nail length is 3040 mm. The distance between two nails is about 400 mm. When paving is undertaken on vertical plane or slopping surface, additional nails and washers shall be added accordingly in order to avoid sliding. Nails are used to fix the edges of overlapping part of GCL; besides, a number of nails shall be added and fixed evenly on the whole GCL according to the flatness. Make sure that GCL is fixed stably on ground and wall.

3。Lap joint. Lap width is between 200 and 250 mm. A bentonite cube with 100mm width and 10 mm height shall be spread between upper and low ends. The joint shall be occluded by bentonite mud. Bentonite cream (bentonite is mixed with water in a ratio of 1;3. After stirring evenly, bentonite cream forms) is applied for occlusion on slope or special point. Make sure there is no drape, miscellaneous soil or other materials on the joint.

4。Special paving. If pipe or wire gets through GCL, first put a whole GCL under the base in accordance with the pipe diameter plus 300mm to strengthen. And then use the bentonite cream to fill in the edge of joint. If confronting break or complicated juncture, cover the whole GCL on the break part or juncture, and then cover the bentonite powder on the lapping parts.

5。After paving, clean up works shall be done. Sand and cement mortar shall be scattered on GCL so as to form a preventive layer. After tamping evenly, the whole paving process is completed. 
八.Our Advantages
1.The Excellent Materials, then Produce the Excellent Waterproof Products. “Liu Fangzi” natural sodium bentonite GCL is mostly used for seep-defending or sealing of civil engineering, irrigation works, environment protective engineering, for example seep-defending of channel, reservoir and dam, sealing of base, side and ceiling of dump, leak-defending of manual river and lake. “Liu Fangzi” GCL has absolute excellent performance compared with artificial sodium GCL. The advantages are mainly as below:
Sodium is a kind of active elements. Artificial sodium bentonite just keeps sodium ions cohered in the bentonite crystal lattice surfaces, causing its activeness enhanced temporarily. But after a short time, it will lose sodium base function, becoming calcium base bentonite, then that will cause big loss for the relative enterprises.
“Liu Fangzi” natural sodium bentonite is the only kind of bentonite that does not need any additive, but swelling index can be 24 and technology index of the GCL infer to the standards of ASTM, could get to the demands of ASTM. We promise to you that we could provide 100 percent the excellent products and ensure your success of enterprises.
2.Competitive Price. We have our own mining, advanced production line, and quality control and analysis system, also advanced loading and transportation system. Both the exclusive spur line and national road No.102 reach our factory directly. All of these guarantee our lowest cost, and then we will provide the most competitive price to you.
3.First-Class Service. First-class quality and first-class service is what we present for customers. We will get rid of all of your anxious through our timely, considerate, advanced technoloservices.
九.The GCL producing equipments 


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