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Bentonite for Ore Sintering


          Liufangzi Bentonite for Ore Sintering                        

Product Type: Natural Sodium Bentonite

Shape: White, grey powder; nonpoisonous; with good viscosity, swelling ,hydrophilic and fireproof properties

Theory study
Liufangzi natural sodium bentonite has strong viscosity  and thermal stability.  When iron ore powder mixed with 1-2% sodium bentonite, pellet will be formed after granulating and drying. This has greatly enhanced the productivity of boiler, and therefore it is widely applied by various steel companies. Natural sodium bentonite is superior to calcium bentonite in terms of pelleting, falling ball impact,compressive strength  and dicrepitation temperature,etc.

Technical Indexes
The quality of Liufangzi natural sodium bentonite for ore sintering has surpassed the GB/T20973¡ª200 standard and met advanced international requirement. As shown below: 

Tecnical Indexes Of Liufangzi Natural Sodium Bentonite for Ore Sintering

Packing and storage:
Inner: plastic sheets; Outer: woven bags , or according to the clients¡¯ demand. Weight: 25¡À0.25kg¡¢40¡À0.25kg,or according to the clients¡¯ demand, Store in ventilated cool and dry place.

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